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Olympic Torch 2012

During my time at BarberOsgerby in London, the studio won a competition to design the Torch for the 2012 Olympics.


Role: Responsibilities included CAD development, digital animation as well as physical model making.

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"There is a reason for everything in its design."

- Edward Barber

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Extensive tests and prototypes were created to ensure performance in every condition, may it be wind, sub zero temperatures or moisture to ensure a stable as well safe flame. 

Fire extinguisher was always at hand. Safety first.

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Finding the Form

Development consisted of numerous blue foam models to test ergonomic properties.

It was important to create a concept, which felt appropriate for the heritage and legacy of the Games but at the same time light and modern, channelling the design aesthetic of Ed Barber and Jay Osgerby.

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Keeping it UK

Manufactured just outside of London in collaboration with several leading UK manufacturing and engineering partners. 

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Light and Strong

The Torch is among the lightest ever due to its aluminium alloy which was developed for automotive and aerospace industries. 

While being remarkably light, the Torch also possess high heat resistance and tensile strength.

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The aluminium alloy double skinned yet light due to its hole structure.
The holes are laser cut before the stamping and bending process.

A gas canister fuels the flame.

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