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Logitech K780

The K780 Multi-Device is a wireless computer keyboard with numbers pad, designed to work perfectly with with Smartphones and tablets.


Role: ID Lead at Logitech with ID by Feiz Design

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"All the elements of this keyboard merge to form an artistically attractive unity."

Red Dot Award Jury, 2017

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The right Materials

K780 uses two different materials to fulfill their purpose in an elegant way. 

The firm keys offer a silent, smooth and familiar typing with Logitech PerfectStroke™ key system. 

While the unique rubber cradle protects your devices and carefully holds everything from a smartphones to 12" iPad Pro at a comfortable reading angle within reach.

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Working closely with the team at Feiz Design and the CMF team, we created a new youthful and expressive design language for K780 that matches its multi purpose functionality.

We developed a new type of molded speckled rubber in close collaboration with the plastics supplier through numerous lab visits and trail runs.

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Switch between Devices

Type a report on your computer, then type a message on your phone or tablet at the touch of an Easy-Switch button.
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Red Dot Award "Best of the Best" 2017
GOOD DESIGN Awards 2017
iF Award 2017
DFA Awards GOLD 2017
FastCo Innovation by Design Awards 2017
International Design Awards Silver 2016

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Behind successful products is always a great collaboration.
Many thanks to Khodi Feiz and his team for their visionary ID work and smooth development.
Other key contributors are Jasper Phua (CMF lead) and Lars Lauridsen (PDM) at Logitech without whom K780 would not have been possible.

Thank you!

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