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The new Flagship: Complete Creative Control at the desk.

CRAFT is the new Logitech's new premier keyboard, becoming the standard bearer of the category and for the brand.


Role: Industrial Design Lead at Logitech

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"It may be my favorite Logitech keyboard of all time - and possibly my favorite keyboard, period."

- TechCrunch, 10.06.17

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Create in your Element

This keyboard aims to combine our technological, material and user experience knowledge into a beautifully designed and built product.

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CRAFT is all about the details. Nothing is arbitrary or left to chance. All elements have been meticulously considered and are respectful to their purpose.

From the 0.5mm controlled radius on the input dial, the machined metal bar housing all the components, to the perfect 4.8 degree tilt of the keyboard.

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A new way to work

The creative input dial revolutionises the way you work by giving you instant access to the tool you need, the moment you need it.

Touch the dial to instantly access a menu of functions, tap to change function and turn to change the selected function’s value. The intuitive dial adapts to the app you’re using – keeping you in your flow and completely focused on your work.

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No Wires, no Distractions

USB-C charging with a full charge lasting a full week.

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Key Innovation

Spherical dishing guides your fingers while you type and builds onto Logitech's new design language in a productivity focused way.

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We are Family

CRAFT is designed to be part of the greater Premium Family of Logitech Creativity and Productivity products, emphasizing a precise elegance and high quality.

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The Team

Making Craft a reality took a large team of dedicated designers, engineers and managers.

Special thanks to Jasper Phua (CMF Lead), Yohan Baillet (UX Lead), Camille Mercier (Portfolio Lead), Pierre Sponchiado (Master Creative Lead), Olivier Dumont (PM Lead), Hung-Wen Hung (ME Lead) and Arnaud Perret-Gentil (PDM Lead) and many many more.

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iF Award 2018
CES Innovation Award 2018

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